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What Makes People Enjoy Training At Punch?

The Punch Training Style...

What sets us apart from everyone else is our training style.

Here at Punch Fitness Center we incorporate the mastery of learning boxing and kickboxing with the action of a high-intensity, total body workout, along with that we also use very unique training methods that challenge your strength, endurance, skill, and mental fortitude!

How We Help Our Clients Grow..

What Do We Do for our Clients?

Here at Punch Fitness Center we make sure our clients complete their fitness goals while having a good time, but we also do more for our clients, just look underneath

  • personalized training based on your fitness goals
  • expert instruction in combative movement and physical fitness
  • a watchful eye on limitations and progressions
  • understanding and knowledge about how to use your body as a temple and a weapon
  • Non-stop Action, no matter what your fitness level is!

The Punch Team!

Meet The Sokumasters!

“Sokumaster” is a term we coined here at PFC. Soku is an old Crole word for Punch. We use that term here because we are much more than personal trainers And combat coaches. We bring over two decades of experience collectively in all aspects of fitness and wellness. Come start your journey in good hands and strong fists

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Who Do We Train?

PFC takes pride in the working with clientele of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

In our 10+ years of service we have trained children, parents , amateur, collegiate and professional athletes, and those who have various limitations. Our creativity is what drives our clientele to make the most out of their training

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Punch Open Classes!

PFC offers an open class format. Our classes consist of heavy bag training, focus mitt work, calisthenics, HIIT training, strength , cardio and core-based exercises. Mix in some upbeat music and positive vibes and you won’t be able to wait until the next time to strap those gloves on again!

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Get The Most Results With..

One-on-One Training

PFC offers one of the most dynamic private training sessions around. You get the structure and accountability of a personal training session, along with detailed instructions and drills of a boxing/ kickboxing coach. Once we gather your info, we can find the best training plan that works for YOU.

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Private Groups

Train With Your Friends Or Family!

Want to Train with friends or family?

What’s better than getting the best workout possible? Sharing it with your friends and family! We can customize a small group workout that will be tough, fun, and an experience your loved ones will never forget.